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Our Vision

Maison Jin creates beautify modern classic and neoclassical style interior spaces that enhance the lives of and offer inspiration to our clients. We are committed to satisfying our clients by offering the highest level of service and understanding our clients’ needs.

Maison Jin Interiors portrays the art of elegance by bringing your home a sense of personalized style in a seamless blend of character and warmth.

About Us

Maison Jin Furniture Co., Ltd. was founded in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2018 by Jin Hoang and Ha Nguyen. Maison Jin offers many interior design services in many styles, furniture, decorative accessories and installation service. The company’s designers, educated in the United States, Denmark and Canada, combine the latest design concepts and industry knowledge to create luxurious and timeless living spaces for clients.  

❛ Rules of Taste Enforce Structures of Power. ❜

                                            Susan Sonteg

Want To Know More?

Our home is in Hanoi but if you desire our Interior Design Services elsewhere in Vietnam, don’t hesitate to inquire. We look forward to crafting your vision into the masterpiece it deserves to be.

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